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Fully automatic water processor

High degree of automation: water supply, backwashing, salt washing, slow washing, and water injection are automatically completed.

Automation of water softening process: The equipment realizes the automation of ion exchange and resin regeneration through the time synchronization motor driver control device. Users only need to add the raw agent regularly to realize continuous or intermittent water supply under fully automatic conditions.

Efficient: no need to set up a dedicated operation, easy to install, installed on the same day, used on the same day.

Labor in the province: The water-making rate of the water softener is over 98%.

Power saving: Due to the principle of siphon regeneration, no salt pump is needed, and the power consumption is only 1% of that of domestic soft water equipment.

Small footprint: only need to provide space for tanks and salt tanks, saving space occupied by pipelines and valve bodies.

Non-toxic: The valve body is lead-free brass material, which is especially suitable for food and beverage industries.

Maintenance: The control valve is manufactured by the original US factory, with reasonable design, reliable quality and durability.

Easy to adjust: Users can adjust the regeneration cycle and time according to their needs.

The tank body is pressure-resistant and anti-corrosive: the tank body has been strictly tested by quality inspection and pressure test before leaving the factory. It has reliable quality assurance. The tank body is made of stainless steel or glass material to avoid resin pollution and provide reliable for long-term stable work of soft water equipment. Guarantee.

Wide applicability: It can be widely used in industrial boilers, heat exchangers, hotels, restaurants, laundry equipment, food industry, textile printing and dyeing industries.

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