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Heat exchanger unit

Water pump control system:

It has variable frequency constant pressure water supply function, simple man-machine interface, simple and clear operation, artificial intelligence fuzzy control algorithm, requires less parameters set by the user, stable pressure control, automatic control of dynamic and static pressure water supply, dynamic pressure and Static pressure two hydration pressures, the recirculation pump automatically switches between water supply and water shortage protection when starting and stopping. When the water supply tank is short of water, it automatically stops the pump to prevent the water pump from over-pressure and over-pressure automatic water discharge function. Automatically open the pressure relief solenoid valve to relieve pressure.

Circulating pump control system:

The circulating pump adopts pressure control, and automatically adjusts the circulating pump speed according to the secondary network supply, return water pressure difference or water supply pressure to ensure the secondary network outlet pressure or supply and return water pressure difference is stable due to the use of frequency conversion control technology, high power cycle Pump start and stop are controlled by the inverter, no surge shock to the power supply grid, no pressure shock to the heating pipe network, greatly reducing the damage rate of the pipeline and the valve, and the capacity requirements of the heat exchanger for the heat exchanger. Greatly reduced, saving investment and maintenance costs.

Primary network flow control system:

 Automatically control the valve opening of the primary flow control valve according to the secondary network outlet to ensure the temperature of the secondary network outlet is stable.

 With outdoor temperature compensation control function, according to the change of outdoor temperature, automatically adjust the secondary network outlet temperature, the higher the outdoor temperature

 The lower the outlet temperature of the secondary network; the lower the outdoor temperature, the higher the outlet temperature of the secondary network

■ Manually adjust the control flow regulator opening on the computer controller

 Can be divided into time-controlled, set interval energy-saving mode through man-machine interface

With remote data communication:

 The control system can be equipped with RS485 remote data communication interface. Up to 64 heat exchange posts can be hanged on the same line of a computer through the communication interface. Each station can be distinguished by different station numbers, which can conveniently carry out data with the host computer. exchange. When equipped with the host computer, the operating parameters of the heat exchanger unit can be remotely monitored, and data recording can be automatically performed according to the set time. The historical operation data of the printer group can be inquired at any time on the computer, and the historical temperature can be drawn and printed on the computer. , pressure, easy to analyze and master the operating status of the unit, analyze and solve the fault.

■ With temperature sensor short circuit and short line Chinese character display prompt function

 With pressure sensor disconnection system protection function, the system can automatically detect the disconnection state of the pressure sensor to prevent damage to the pipe network and user heating equipment caused by excessive system water pressure.

Automatic fault diagnosis:

 Over-pressure protection of the make-up water pump. After the system exceeds the set pressure, the water pump automatically stops the pump/circulation pump and the water pump fails, and automatically switches the standby pump to ensure the normal operation of the system.

 Water shortage alarm in the water tank, the water tank automatically stops the water pump after water shortage, and automatically recovers/overtemperature alarm after normal. The system exceeds the set temperature and automatically closes the regulating valve to ensure the normal temperature of the system.

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