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Notice of National Energy Administration on NB/T 4704.1-2017 Standard for Removable Plate Heat Exchangers

Author:  From:Beijing Huaaixin Energy Saving Equipment Co., Ltd.   Time:2019-05-20  

(State Energy Administration, 2017, Announcement No.13)

According to the relevant provisions of the notice of the state energy administration on printing and distributing the measures for the administration of standardization in the energy sector (trial implementation) and the detailed rules for its implementation (no 52 [2009] of the state energy administration), upon examination, the state energy administration has approved 80 industry standards, including the general technical conditions for gas pretreatment of gas internal combustion generating units, of which 9 are energy standards (nb), 37 are electric power standards (dl) and 34 are petrochemical standards (nb/sh), which are now being issued.

NB/T 4704.1-2017 "Plate Heat Exchangers Part 1: Removable Plate Heat Exchangers" will be officially implemented from June 1, 2018.

Among the above standards, electric power standards are published and issued by China Electric Power Publishing House, coal mine gas and coal construction standards are published and issued by Coal Industry Publishing House, boiler and pressure vessel standards are published and issued by Xinhua Publishing House, and petrochemical standards are published and issued by China Petrochemical Publishing House.

national energy board

27 December 2017

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