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Continuously present innovative products to customers

Beijing Huaaixin Energy - Saving Equipment Co., Ltd. (Redwell) has been committed to the solution in the field of heat exchange. For more than 20 years, it has continuously optimized the application performance and process flow of plate heat exchangers. It has been serving HVAC, chemical industry, Ships, nuclear power, food, oil and other different working conditions occupy an important position in the field of heat exchange. In 2010, he was invited to participate in the national standard "Urban Heating System Evaluation Standard GB/T50627-2010". With a complete heat transfer structure combination and heat exchange process, Redwell products focus on providing continuous system services to our customers.

The Redwell production base implements product design requirements and corresponding standards with a strict production organization system. At the same time, the optimized production of the line has achieved the timeliness of delivery to customers.


Our company's products use a unique plate design, and its heat transfer, flow resistance, temperature resistance and other characteristics have reached the advanced level at home and abroad.
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